Thursday, February 28, 2013

Embedded Video, Image, Sound

In the labs you have been producing basic video's, images and sounds.

For this assignment, you should embed all of the media you have created so far into your blogs, into separate posts.

Write a short accompanying piece (at least three or four sentences) about each separate work you have created. For example, reflect on what you set out to achieve, what worked and what didn't.

Finally, you should look at other students' posts and offer comments.

This assignment will be graded on: The functioning of your blog.

Your creation and posting of:

  • Three sounds 
  • Three images 
  • Two videos 
Each of these works should be embedded into your blog with accompanying textual explanation.
The textual explanation should reflect on the technical and aesthetic aspects of the works.

This project is due on Friday 4th September and counts for 20% of your final grade.