Sunday, September 20, 2015

Final Remix Project

For this project you should draw on all the skills and information you have attained in this course.

You must make a film of between 2 and 3 minutes length. It can be a piece of video art or sound art, a music clip for your own music, or a short narrative film. You can use whatever clips you like but it must be able to survive copyright interrogation.

This means is that if aspects of the clip are recognisable through:

Visual recognition - if someone can recognise similarities with existing imagery,
Sound recognition - if someone can recognise similarities with existing music,
Digital recognition - recognition software such as Tunatic, Soundhound or Shazam,

then you need to write a statement defending your clip as your own creative work. This should not only be a personal statement but a legal position, one that refers to existing copyright law and cases.

Obviously, the more original and affected your clip is, the less you will have to write to defend it.

You should also discuss how you made the clip - what tools you used and what your ideas and concepts were. Include images, sounds, screen grabs and links where appropriate.

You have a lot of personal freedom for expression in this project, so make something that you feel proud to keep in your folio of work for years to come.