Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why unmixable?

The term 'unmixable' refers to the way in which contemporary media content is controlled in a manner that is out of sync with contemporary consumption activities.  

Specifically, through a range of practices including downloading,  remixing, fanfictionbrandalism, sampling and mash-ups, todays audiences engage with media content actively; by intervening with the media texts and creating their own images and sounds, stories and meanings.

While copyright owners invite a controlled level of interaction and engagement from their audiences; they seek to retain the control and ownership of these images, sounds, stories, and meanings.

However neither remix practices nor the attempt to control them are new, what is changed is that contemporary technologies have made both remixing and its regulation easier to achieve.

The tension arising from this clash is denoted in the term unmixible, which means: antagonistic, at odds with, clashing, contrary, discordant, inconsistent, discrepant, dissonant, incongruent, inconsonant, opposing and paradoxical.

Unmixable also refers to the material act of mixing and remixing, whereby juxtapositions of images and audio are perceived to aesthetically work together,or not. 

But what is a remix anyway? 
Arguably everything.

Now, what does this mean about culture globally?